New 200W convection cooled AC-DC power supply ensures a low profile and long life

FiDUS Power announces the release of the WLP350 series. Available now, this power-dense 3 x 5” AC-DC power supply can deliver continuous power of up to 350W when fan cooled, or 200W convection cooled.

The series is suitable for use in a wide range of equipment including industrial, medical and technology applications.

New 200W convection cooled AC-DC power supply ensures a low profile and long life

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Introducing our new WLP350 series

Offering a wide range of standard output voltages between 12-58VDC the unit can suit a variety of requirements. Units can be covered where preferred and Class II models are also available. A 12VDC fan output is provided for those wishing to utilise the range’s full 350W fan cooled potential.

The series has a low profile at 25mm and an impressive power density of 23.W per cubic inch, making it perfect for use in compact designs. With up to 94% efficiency it also limits the PSU’s contribution to system temperature rise, aiding overall system life.

The benefits of choosing our WLP350 series

The range is competitively priced for more cost sensitive applications whilst providing impressive performance and high reliability (2.5m+ hours MTBF). It also ensures users ease of compliance, coming fully approved to the latest IT & medical safety standards, including IEC 60601-1-2 4th edition immunity.

If you have an application that the (M)WLP350 series sounds suitable for and would like to evaluate a free engineering sample, please get in touch with your FiDUS Account Manager or call us on 01183 420730.

WLP350 Datasheet and Specification

MWLP350 Datasheet and Specification

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