New Efficient MDA36-200 Series

New efficient MDA36-200 series of external power supplies provide medical devices with 2 x MOPP, latest compliance and branding opportunities.

FiDUS Power today unveiled the new MDA range of external medical-grade AC-DC power supplies. With 36W, 65W, 90W & 200W models, the series will suit a wide range of low-to-mid powered medical applications looking to use an external power supply. The power supplies provide latest global medical safety and immunity approvals as well as meeting stringent global energy efficiency standards to limit their impact on the environment and reduce system running costs.

New Efficient MDA36-200 Series

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The MDA series has been designed with flexibility in mind, offering a wide range of output voltages from 5 to 48VDC as well as Class I and Class II options. The MDA series also allows system designers control of connectivity, offering a variety of standard output connector options as well as the potential to be fitted with alternatives at customer request. FiDUS Power can also extend customisable labelling options to its customers, allowing incorporation of customer branding, showing end-users a seamless connection between the power supply and the equipment it powers.

The series will be of value to designers of healthcare applications where external power supplies are preferred and where quality and cost optimisation are both important. The units have the required isolation to provide 2 means of patient protection, they are certified to the latest global medical safety & EMC standards and they meet the Class B limits for both conducted and radiated emissions. All to ensure as smooth a path to overall system compliance as possible.

The MDA series combines global compliance, high reliability, impressive EMC performance and the potential to customise, all whilst maintaining a very competitive market price.

If you have an application that the MDA series sounds suitable for and would like to evaluate a free engineering sample, please get in touch with your FiDUS Account Manager or call us on 01183 420730.

MDA36 Datasheet and Specification

MDA65 Datasheet and Specification

MDA90 Datasheet and Specification

MDA200 Datasheet and Specification

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