15-1000W enclosed industrial, affordable, short lead time AC-DC converters for AV/industrial or EN60335-1 home appliance applications.

The LM and LMF (PFC) readily available families provide a combination of cost competitiveness and reliability for applications requiring 15-1000W in audio video, industrial (requiring IEC/EN/UL 62368-1) or home appliance applications (requiring EN60335-1; LM15/25 designed to meet only LM35-100 fully approved).

The new family provides reliable and affordable AC-DC power converters for high volume home appliance or industrial applications with robust front ends for added surge protection or 277VAC applications (15-320W only). The LMXXX-23B family are designed to meet EN61558 for over voltage category III and in conjunction with the high input voltage capability of 305VAC mean that these units would be more resilient to mains transients for example on sites that switch to back up generators where a sustained over voltage is likely.

Both the LM and LMF products are well stocked, offer output voltage adjust, EN55032 conducted and radiated level B, short circuit protection, over voltage protection and over temperature protection with operation up to 70°C.

15-1000W enclosed industrial, affordable, short lead time AC-DC converters for AV/industrial or EN60335-1 home appliance applications.

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Chassis mount AC-DC

The units are designed to be a drop in replacement for the well known brands in this format, but these new units boast more stable conducted EMC emissions, better quality transformers, enhanced radiated performance and better clamping of overvoltages. The new units are an excellent alternative if you are struggling with lead times or performance of your existing industrial enclosed power units.

Conducted EMC emissionsSuperior transformer design means there is no drift in conducted noise as the unit warms up after 30 mins, unlike competitor products (left).


Overvoltage clamping

Overvoltage spikes can cause unwanted damage or outages to downstream systems and components. Having a tighter threshold of output overvoltages provides better peace of mind for system stability and longevity as shown in the right hand image above.


Radiated emissions

The new industrial enclosed units (left image), unlike competitor products (right image), do not require the product to be installed on a horizontal ground plane (metal plate) to pass radiated EMC


If you have an application that the LM/LMF series sounds suitable for and would like to evaluate a sample, please get in touch with your FiDUS Account Manager or call us on 01183 420730.

LMF series of power factor corrected industrial enclosed AC-DC power supplies (75-1000W) will soon be coming to the FiDUS POWER website, however samples and data is available on request.


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