Long lead times & delivery delays on PSUs holding up your production? FiDUS Power can help now!

Whether it’s new cars or bespoke laboratory equipment, very few electronic products have avoided the impact of global electronics shortages of not only chips but also ceramic capacitors and other critical components. Most recently we have been helping a lot of new customers overcome long delays and prohibitive lead times of power supplies from brands such as XP Power, TDK Lambda, Meanwell & Artesyn where production of their end equipment has been stopped due to lack of availability of power supplies. Lead times more than 52 weeks as well as inconsistent and lower quantity deliveries have caused many to seek alternative solutions else continue to risk production stops, a halt to shipping goods and ultimately billing customers.

Long lead times & delivery delays on PSUs holding up your production? FiDUS Power can help now!

At FiDUS Power we can help! We are not fully immune (as nobody is), however we have wide ranges of AC-DC and DC-DC power supply options that have proven extremely resilient to shortages, either via internal control of chip production, or via proactive action in advance sourcing and alternative component options. These PSUs can help replace almost any other supplies from other brands with minimal work, to keep your production moving. For instance:

1) NEVO/VCCM modular AC-DC range – replacing modular/multi-output AC-DC

These modular AC-DC solutions are perfect to replace any configured PSUs in the market that are now on excessive lead times. The NEVO and VCCM series can be used to replicate any single or multi voltage AC-DC power supply with samples available within days, small quantities and first deliveries on production orders available as quickly as 6 weeks from order. They have market-leading density to ensure mechanically they can be integrated easily into existing PSU envelopes, enabling a certified & leading technology replica solution to be created from held stock.

2) LD & LOF AC-DC series – replacing PCB mount and open-frame AC-DC

These 3W-500W AC-DC series’ are maintaining excellent lead times with high stock often available. Lead times of 6-12 weeks are typical, even moving into 2022. With samples available immediately, this gives Engineers time to vigorously validate mechanically, electrically, and thermally within your system and still receive production quantities fast to keep your production moving.

The LD series is pin-for-pin drop in for many 3W-60W AC-DC products on the market, the LOF is a direct alternative for many ITE and medical open frame, convection and fan-cooled units used widely in the market too.

3) External power supplies – Plugtops and desktops from 5W to 300W, rapidly customisable (even for low quantities) delivered with your chosen connector or mains leads if necessary.

4) Many more – to replace din rail, chassis mount, DC-DC and battery solutions!

If you are on the hunt for alternatives to maintain your production, please get in touch with FiDUS Power. Not only might we have the perfect unit to remedy your situation, but we may also be able to improve technically on what you have already. Equally we are ready to assist to make validation and transition as easy as possible with:

  1. Expert design-in assistance – 3D models, fast samples and guidance to ensure ease-of-integration into your existing product. Conversion plates can be made to match chassis mount PSUs to match existing mechanics that you have in production without the need to re-design or re-work. We know the market well and can guide you on best-fit alternatives.
  2. Safety/EMC certification & testing – our options come with a wealth of UL/EN/IEC safety certification as well as EMC test reports, reducing or even removing re-approval costs depending on your industry. We can also assist you with complimentary, comparative pre-compliance EMC testing to show due diligence in making a change, keeping you going “on the fly”
  3. Reducing future risk – we offer stock holding and flexible order scheduling to significantly reduce the risk of customers being in this position again

If you are suffering with availability of your existing power supplies, or fear this may soon be the case and want to address this risk in advance, please get in touch. We will be more than happy to make a recommendation and provide samples to ensure you can protect and maintain production of your equipment.

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