Consumer Equipment


Strong EMC performance

When designing equipment for the consumer market, UK manufacturers within the fields of audio, retail and household electronics products for instance, face the challenge of providing safe and reliable product whilst keeping cost levels at a suitable level for mass production.

At Fidus we understand this challenge and ensure our range caters for those design engineers who are tight on budget. Those designers whose systems can happily forego feature sets and/or density, but still demand high reliability, full compliance & quality of support.

To assist customers within these markets Fidus provides:

Cost optimised options

Whereas we continue to provide technically innovate, feature rich models for equipment that can benefit from such qualities, Fidus ensure there are also options whereby customers that won’t need such features, don’t need to pay for them. These can help reduce costs at design-in or assist with cost reduction programs on existing products. 

Across our PCB mount, panel mount, external and din rail mount ranges Fidus offers AC-DC & DC-DC options aimed at keeping customer material costs to a minimum. We also offer units with peak power capability and high temperature performance to prevent the need for overrating and overspending.

With Fidus supplies you will also see true low ownership costs with no hidden need for additional components, strong EMC performance to reduce the need for filtering, as well as high reliability supplies designed to last.

Global safety and EMC compliance

Consumer aimed products often focus on global markets, so require global power solutions. At Fidus we offer PCB-mount and open frame EN60335-1 compliant/approved options for household electronic applications and our ITE power supplies are all certified to the latest IEC/UL/EN 62368-1 standard. As standalone completed products, our external AC-DC supplies often carry additional global approvals, many certified to PSE (Japan), CCC (China), RCM (Australia), BSMI (Taiwan) & KC (Korea) standards to open up as many markets as possible for our customers. They also ensure conformance to the Energy Relative Products (ERP) directive 2009/125/EC and Department of Energy DOE level 6 products for Energy Star domestic products.

Added value flexibility

We believe that low costs should not have to mean low quality and low service levels. Even with our more cost optimised ranges, Fidus still provide the reassurance of a 5-year warranty and all the same technical and commercial flexibility you will see with our more leading technology products. With our cost effective external AC-DC ranges, we offer connector and branding customisations, allowing our customers to benefit from tailored solutions without the price tag. We also align our service to suit your supply chain requirements, shipping to and stocking in the UK or delivering direct to your international factory if preferred.