Power dense products

External power supplies

With the most technologically advanced developments, power density and future proofing designs with the latest approvals should be a fundamental for any product designer. At Fidus Power we understand this, and it is our objective to offer you the most power dense products on the market, keeping ahead of the curve and offering competitive products to the market.

For the rack instrumentation, we offer a range of low-profile, high-power products that are suitable for 1U designs. We have options available for POE applications requiring 1500VAC isolation between output to ground to meet IEEE 802.3 standards. These include convection, fan-cooled and conduction cooled products to meet your needs.

Sometimes the flexibility that modular power offers is the only solution to fulfil the more demanding applications requiring many voltages or intricate control of voltage and current independently. Our configurable modular solutions offer a huge range of customisable and current / voltage controllable units up to 240VDC in powers up to 1200W. Sample quantities of products can be configured and delivered within 48hrs of purchase, giving your demanding application a jump start in a technological development. Chassis mount, <1U high, medical and industrial products are available in both traditional fan cooled and conduction cooled variants for applications where the enclosure must be sealed or in thermally demanding applications to minimise waste heat in an enclosure. The modular power products offer the unique advantage of being field configurable, since each module component is approved. This can facilitate on-the-fly changes in development process since the power demands of a system often change as the design program evolves into the final product.  

We keep ahead of the curve in the development and release of standards that affect our products to ensure that our customers keep updated with the mandatory requirements of the crucial power supply element of their design. In particular, the worldwide migration to the latest IEC 62368-1 approval to futureproof your AV, ITE and industrial electrical designs (mandatory on the 20th December 2020 in the EU).

Successful technology often finds itself placed in markets across the globe. All Fidus Power external power supplies are suitable for the American market baring the UL, VI and FCC marks, some are suitable for Australasian market having the Regularity Compliance Mark (RCM “C-Tick”), JET mark for Product Safety Electrical Appliance & Material (PSE) for the Japanese market, China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) and the recycling mark (Administrative Measure on the Control of Pollution Caused by Electronic Information Products), Bureau of Indian Standards (BSI) and some have the KC mark for Korean approval.

We select products with good EMC performance and high efficiency. As technology products shrink more elements of a system become tightly packed together which increases the chance of interference both thermally and electromagnetically between those components. EMC is often left to the end of projects to address, but it can jeopardise the feasibility of the entire project. Designing in a power supply that has low emissions reduces its contribution to the system to allow for greater margins of design acceptability that can yield favourable compact mechanical results.