Power systems for medical devices

Medical grade power products

Power systems for medical devices is a key focus for Fidus Power. With our knowledge of medical requirements and wide offering of medical grade power products conforming to the latest medical safety IEC 60601-1 (ed 3.1) and EMC immunity IEC 60601-1-2 (ed 4), we are the ideal partner for your medical device development, be it an applied monitoring part, surgical tool or bed.

Our latest medical products boast some of the most flexible power dense offerings in the market, giving you the competitive edge in your medical device development. We choose products with great EMC performance to help ensure a smooth ride when it comes to compliance.

Product RangeAll Fidus Power medical products are suitable for BF (body floating) applications, giving you the confidence that they are well suited for integration into products that are designed to be in contact with patients providing the more stringent level of protection; two “Means of Patient Protection” (2 x MOPP).

Screenshot 1


Type B – “Body part” Provides protection against electric shock, especially leakage currents and reliability of PE.

Type BF – “Body Floating” As above but isolated by “floating” from earth potential.

Type CF – “Cardiac Floating” Designed to be in contact with the heart, offering higher protection against electric shock than BF part.

For each of the applied part types above there are limits for associated types of currents; Earth leakage, Patient auxiliary, Touch (enclosure) and Patient leakage currents:

Earth leakage current –Current flowing in the Protective Earth (PE) or the Functional Earth (FE). Maximum of 5mA NC and 10mA SFC

Leakage Current Clear

Patient auxiliary current –Current flowing in the patient in normal use from the intended applied part

Patient aux current clear 

Touch current – Was called “Enclosure Leakage Current”. Current that flows from the enclosure of the equipment (not including applied parts) that are accessible to the patient or operator in normal use through an external conductive connection other than the PE connection or other part of the enclosure. 100uA or 500uA if PE lost in fault.

touch currents

Patient leakage current – Current that flows from the applied part, thought the patient to earth. Or current flowing from the patient via an F type applied part from the unintended appearance of a voltage from an external source on the patient.

leakage 1 leakage 2

Since only a small amount of current flowing through the patient can cause cardiac arrest, these small currents (most unintentional) must be checked with appropriate measurement circuit and test method.


Home Healthcare EN60601-1-11

With an aging population and the competition for hospital beds, an increasing trend is developing of patients receiving care in the comfort of their own homes. The “home environment” (or any environment other than a professional healthcare facility) has different environmental challenges for power supply technology. At Fidus Power we understand these challenges and can offer IP rated, class II power supplies that conform to 4th edition medical immunity (including 10V/m level 3 for RF immunity EN61000-4-3) that are ideal for your home medical device project.