In a dynamic world, trust Fidus Power to guide you through supply chain issues!

Disruptions to supply chains are never welcome and unless you have the right partner to work with - that can support you with a wide scope of partners, to provide continuity of alternatives - your business will be at risk of putting all your eggs in one basket.

Through the supply chain challenges of the past few years, we have faced together chip shortages, MLCCs and COVID-19, to name a few. Fidus Power has maintained the best lead times in the industry and the fastest responses to customer supply issues, offering alternatives and stock flexibility. We are best positioned by your side, to maintain production schedules and product developments.

In a dynamic world, trust Fidus Power to guide you through supply chain issues!

Our experts are on hand to assist in the smooth transition to alternatives, for parts that are no longer available on the market. Be that assistance in EMC testing or guidance on safety approval and system integration, keeping your projects on track.

Fidus Power continuously evolves the market with new product lines from a large portfolio of manufacturing partners. This enables us to react faster than all our competitors, which is proving invaluable in testing times.

With the recently documented sanctions faced by Mornsun Power, Fidus Power were able to quickly roll-out a contingency plan. Offering customers competitive replacements, from our wide network of suppliers. These series will soon become readily available to all customers, for new and existing applications.

The world can be an unpredictable place, but what can be banked on is Fidus Power’s flexibility & dedication to keeping our customers moving forward and remaining competitive in their markets.

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