200 Watts of Peak Power in 2 x 4" Package

FiDUS Power announce the launch of its TPL150 series of high efficiency, open frame AC-DC power supplies approved for both IT and Medical (BF) applications.

The product offers excellent power density in a 2 x 4” package, capable of supplying 200W for 2s peak, 150W fan cooled and 120W convection cooled; making it ideal for driving non-linear loads, whilst minimising use of space in the customers application. There are seven models from 12V to 48V output and a fan supply rail of 12V @ 0.3A.

200 Watts of Peak Power in 2 x 4" Package

For more info on our TPL150 series, view our related datasheets:

TPL150 Datasheet and Specification

The product is BF rated for applications where the end equipment may be connected to the patient. For ease of customer implementation the TPL150 meets EMC standard EN55022 level B for both conducted and radiated emissions, operates up to 5000M, with an operating temperature range of –20 to 70ᵒC, giving you the best chance of passing type testing without major redesign.

The TPL150 complies with the latest safety standards UL/EN/IEC60950-1 for IT equipment and 3rd Edition medical safety ANSI/AMMI/CSA 60601-1.

These reliable products carry an industry leading 5 year warranty. 

If you have an application that the TPL150 series sounds suitable for and would like to evaluate a free engineering sample, please get in touch with your FiDUS Account Manager or call us on 01183 420730.

TPL150 Datasheet and Specification

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