5-90W PCB Mount AC-DC: Saving space & cost. Drop-in for legacy parts

Rethink your product design to incorporate power onto your PCB, to save space and reduce time of manufacture with the YSM range of PCB-mount AC-DC power supplies from Fidus Power. The YSM family helps to expertly optimise power conversion for new designs and for updates to existing end-products. Conveniently pin-for-pin, replacing other brands where price and availability may not fit with overall project goals.

With 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 and 90W converters spanning typical output voltages from 3.3V to 48V, the YSM series covers almost any requirement. They are a great choice for high volume applications. With very competitive pricing, alongside impressive performance including wide temperature operation -30 to 70⁰C. (-30 to 80⁰C for YSM90).

5-90W PCB Mount AC-DC: Saving space & cost. Drop-in for legacy parts

These new Class II power supply modules are fully approved to IEC/EN/UL 62368-1 and a selection offer EN 60335-1 (home appliance safety) compliance, with 4000VAC isolation from input to output. This, combined with efficiencies up to 93% and no-load consumptions from 0.1W, makes them the ideal choice for energy efficiency constrained applications such as; EV charger ancillary power, IoT devices, IT equipment, remote monitoring systems, blenders, dishwashers and boiler controls.

All units come complete with a suite of protections: short circuit, over voltage and overload protections in a UL94V-0 flame and heat retardant plastic case. All also offer true universal performance in global markets as AC derating begins at 100VAC, dropping a maximum of 20% at 90VAC for Japanese markets. For alternative installations the 30W, 60W and 90W products have screw terminal chassis mount options as well.

As with most Fidus power supplies, engineering samples are available for evaluation. Please get in touch with your Fidus Account Manager or call us on 0118 3420730.

YSM10 5W

YSM10 10W

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