85-305VAC DIY Board Mount 5-15W AC-DC PSUs ideal for Smart City and IoT devices

The LS family are a great choice for high volume applications, where space and cost require optimization. Where previously only a discrete solution could be considered now there is another offer, a more secure source of tried and tested power conversion at a similar cost with the assurance of reliability, EMC and safety. 

The range offers the core of the power conversion; rectification, isolation and regulation. Filtering and holdup are customized with additional components to suit the application. In combination with the choice of vertical or horizontal mounting, this flexibility gives the design engineer the possibility of refining elements to a component level to yield the best lay out possible with respect to the constraints of the application.

85-305VAC DIY Board Mount 5-15W AC-DC PSUs ideal for Smart City and IoT devices

These new class II power supply modules are approved to EN62368-1 and designed to meet EN60335 (home appliance safety). This, combined with no load consumptions from 0.1W and performance from -40 to 85°, makes them the ideal choice for powering remote monitoring systems BLE, Wifi, RFID card readers, GSM modules all year round.

As with most FiDUS power supplies, engineering samples, can be delivered from stock on short lead-times. please get in touch with your Fidus Account Manager or call us on 0118 3420730.

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