Drop-in Residual Current Transducers; perfect for cost optimising EV chargers

One of the highest cost items on an EV charger BOM list is the RCD/residual current transducer. For cost sensitive applications the TLB6 offers like-for-like replacements, of other well-known brands to give you a commercial advantage in a crowded market.

The family offers a comprehensive range of mechanical variants; vertical and horizontal PCB mount, panel mount and with or without integrated primary windings to suit your cable arrangement. They conform with the essential safety standards IEC 62752 and IEC 62955 and thus trigger at 6mA/30mA enabling use within IEC 61581-1 EV charging applications. They can detect Type A + Smooth DC of 6mA residual currents and have sensitive trigger for timely response, surpassing the Type A and Type AC RCD solutions:


TLB6 graph

Drop-in Residual Current Transducers; perfect for cost optimising EV chargers

Consistently high accuracy is achieved by innovative temperature compensation leading to low temperature drift, delivering the same high performance in Dubai as Iceland. All models offer calibration functionality to substitute for background noise or leakage parasitics that lead to nuisance tripping. And some units offer additional shielding for applications that are exposed to high magnetic fields. The range offers peace of mind with 3000 to 5000A surge current capacity and OVC III (direct connection to the consumer unit) to withstand harsh mains transients. 3D STP files are available to download from our website to ensure smooth integration.

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