ITE and Medical 40W and 60W AC-DC power with single and triple outputs

Standard footprint with adjustable multiple outputs with various mechanical mounting arrangements offers flexibility and reliability to satisfy any design requirements.

The series comprises a 40W and 60W power solution on a 2” x 4” footprint. There are 5 single output models from 5V to 48V and 4 triple output models. The WLT40 and 60 are fully compliant to 62368 ITE approval and the MWLT40 and 60 are fully approved to the latest 60601 medical standard. All models conform to Class B conducted and radiated emissions.

ITE and Medical 40W and 60W AC-DC power with single and triple outputs

An optional cover kit is available on all models whilst the ITE models have options for a baseplate, L bracket and U channel for further mounting arrangements.

Class I and Class II models are available with universal AC input as low as 80VAC accepted, with operation between -20°C to +70°C. For further flexibility, single output “V1” models, have a +/-10% manual voltage output adjustability. All units have overload, short circuit, and overvoltage protections (primary output only on triple output models) and featured with remote sense to compensate for volt drop on long cables.

The (M)WLT40 and 60 are direct replacements for the legacy (M)VLT40 and 60, offering ongoing support for your existing products.

If you have an application that the (M)WLT40 and 60 series sounds suitable for and would like to evaluate an engineering sample, please get in touch with your FiDUS Account Manager or call us on 0118 3420 730.

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