SIZE MATTERS - The Worlds Smallest Configurable Power Supply

FiDUS Power announces the introduction of the NEVO+600S and NEVO+600M series of IT and medically approved configurable power supplies.

Ultra-compact, lightweight and powerful, the NEVO+600 is the smallest modular power supply available in the world. Delivering 600W of power in a 3 x 5" footprint; small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and only weighing 600g. Designed for applications demanding small size, in short lead-times; the robust NEVO+600 is the ultimate solution for system designers.

The units have an input operating range of 85-264VAC and up to four single or dual output modules, allowing configuration of 1-8 outputs. Single output modules have voltage ranges from 1.5 to 60VDC with currents up to 25A. Series and parallel combinations of the modules can result in output voltages up to 240VDC and a maximum current of 100A from a single configuration. Dual output voltages range from 1.5 to 15V with currents up to 5A.

SIZE MATTERS - The Worlds Smallest Configurable Power Supply

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The nature of the product allows its use in a wide range of applications, in particular where packing density in customers systems is high, control and monitoring of the power supply condition critical and speed to market with a robust reliable solution key. Markets such as medical equipment, industrial, scientific instruments, test and measurement, broadcast, surgical robots, battery charging applications are areas where the product has been successfully used.

The NEVO+600 can operate from -20 to 70°C with an intelligent fan control built in. The units have a very full feature set allowing effective integration of monitoring and control within the end application. This includes a global inhibit, AC OK and 5V 200mA bias supply. Each module has an individual inhibit, 5V bias supply, current and voltage remote control and monitoring. The unit can also be used as a constant current source.

All models comply with EN55011/55022 Level B conducted and radiated emission standards. The units also meet EN61000-1-2 4th edition medical immunity standard. The NEVO+600S is safety approved to IEC/EN/CSA/UL60950-1. The medical NEVO+600M is approved to IEC/EN/CSA/UL60601-1 and ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 and CE marked to the low voltage and RoHS directives.

The products are field and factory configurable. Samples can be delivered from module stock in short lead-times to enable you to quickly test and optimise your power solution. All models are backed by a FiDUS 5-year warranty.

If you have an application that the NEVO+600 series sounds suitable for and would like to evaluate an engineering sample, please get in touch with your FiDUS Account Manager or call us on 01183 420730.

NEVO+600S Datasheet and Specification

NEVO+600M Datasheet and Specification

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