Wide Input 85-305VAC Board Mount 5-30W AC-DC PSUs Operate from -40 to +85°C, ideal for EV Charger Applications

The LDxx-23BxxR2 family are a great choice for high volume applications, where robustness to high temperature operation and more resilient front ends to withstand grid transients or wider ranges of supply are favorable. Car chargers are often IP rated sealed boxes where heat is unable to escape, as such internal case temperatures can get high, especially if the unit is in direct sunlight, which they often are. 

These new class II power supply modules are approved to EN/UL 62368-1 and designed to meet EN 60335 (home appliance safety) with 4000VAC isolation. This, combined with efficiencies up to 90% and no-load consumptions from 0.1W, makes them the ideal choice to help confirm to energy efficiency requirements for EV chargers, powering ancillaries; Bluetooth, Wifi, RFID card readers, GSM module, MCU, screens or the control pilot for power negotiation between charger and EV. As well as domestic chargers the LDxx23BxxR2 series can be used in 277VAC 3ph applications (such as USA) with neutral present for rapid DC charger ancillary power.  

Wide Input 85-305VAC Board Mount 5-30W AC-DC PSUs Operate from -40 to +85°C, ideal for EV Charger Applications

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AC-DC Power Supplies

Up to 90% efficient output voltages are available from 3.3 to 48VDC with power ratings of 5W (LD05-23BxxR2), 10W (LD10-23BxxR2), 20W (LD20-23BxxR2) and 30W (LD30-23BxxR2). All units are complete with short circuit, over voltage and overload protections in a UL94V-0 flame and heat retardant plastic case, making them appropriate for the more stringent home appliance safety approval. 

Three mechanical variants are available for all powers to suit your installation requirements: through hole board mount, chassis mount (screw terminal) and DIN rail mount (screw terminal) readily available from stock.  

As with most FiDUS power supplies, engineering samples can be delivered from stock on short lead-times. 

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